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These are the plants that I have registered and some of the plants that are nearing the end of the evaluation process

H. Cornerstone    Registered 2013

Saqae x OP 

 H. Kirkside Blue  Registered 2018

Francis Williams x OP

H. Big Bubba registered 2018
Soon to be Registered

(Amos x OP) x OP

Fant #1 clump.JPG

Fantastic x OP

One of the red petiole plants that I have developed.
Soon to be Registered
Aspen Gold x Big John.JPG

Aspen Gold x Big John

Some of our 2 year old streaked seedlings

H. Janie Girl registered 2020

Yellow Splash x Kirkside Blue

Blueberry Muffin x (Neptune x pycnophylla)

Kirkside Golden Parachute Registered 2021


(American Yeti x Brutus) x Yellow King

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